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My first reply I sent by accident(Oops, :) and it was blank double oops.

> well if they made the gwing boys 20+ or something... some people won't
> like it that much...

Which is kinda stupid in a way. I don't want 80 year old heroes piloting
Gundams, but I don't want 8 year olds piloting Gundams either. I like
characters anywhere from 15-30 for the ace MS and Gundam pilots, but I like
any age really, as long as the character's have substance.

> some people go for the younger main character hero type psycho no matter
> how unrealistic it may be ... it just goes to help them imagine being a
> super [psycho] fighter with
> big killing machines that'll only happen in their dreams... (it's just
> some cartoon series anyway)
> some cartoons are made to be unrealistic just to get the kid's attention
> or imagination that
> she/he could partake that part since they are of the same age ... and
> that makes them
> want to watch the series better ... it helps them like the show...

Kids need their entertainment forms to show that there are pyschopath's, but
that they need help or that good guys aren't invincible, etc., etc., but
without turning the kid away or making them paranoid. Kids deserve
intelligent cartoons too, I wish companies would realize this. A kids show
should have a, moral at the end of the story or teach a lesson, without
draining away the shows fun and entertainment value.
Meaning in action cartoons.

> some people just watch the series to see the guys ... the young guys...
> if they made heero old for example...

Isn't that what Bay Watch is for? ^_^

> some people would say.. "eeww ... he's old.."
> i think that's why the artists made them young ... it targets the young
> people's attention...
> but if that person is a very reasonable, see-all and know-all... he
> would pound about the issue of the guys being young...
> usually it's the older guys who think of that, sometimes they don't have
> that much imagination (coz they're too mature) =)

I agree, a show/anime, etc., gets boring if it is ultra mature and gritty,
though. I like that, but not ultra mature and gritty, most things that are
done that way get too realistic. I mean, you can go over board with way out
there stuff or way realistic stuff.

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