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> Well, $45.95 sounds pretty good price. Since other Shogokin series toys go
> for around
> $100. May be it's little cheaper since it's smaller?? But, is it really a
> Chogokin series?
> And, do they have more Gundam's in it's series? Probably, ZakuII will be
> the next in line.

Nope, its 1/144 and just called a Chogokin, not Soul of Chogokin, and its
still all diecast. Its not titled Soul of Chogokin, just Chogokin. Online
stores seem to have a bad habit of mis naming things. But it costs about that
in yen, its about 4200 yen in Japan, which is about around $42-$45 in
American dollars. I found out that their UPS shipping is $12!! That's not
even air mail, just standard! All the other online stores will probably have
it too, soon. The Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Combattler V, are the expensive
ones. Bandai is going to make a Zaku II one, if the RX-78 sells well. I think
it will be Char's Zaku II, but I am not sure.

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