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>At 01:07 5/15/1999 +0800, you wrote:
>>yoo everyone...
>> well i am now working on a 1/144 diorama scene of the GP-01fb in a
>>kneeling position on the surface of the moon ... with kou running
>>towards nina ... so i was wondering any one knows how tall both of them
>>are??.. is nina a american?.. kou a japanese?.. if so what are there
>>heights?? i want to make them as accurate as authentic as posible
>Kou Uraki is 178cm (70" or 5'10") tall. His height is the only one given
>so absolutely, in a "gang drawing" that uses his head height as the
>baseline. He is a 19-year-old Japanese.
>Nina Purpleton s just a little shorter than Kou, the top of her head about
>even with his hairline -- I make it 173cm (68" or 5'8") tall. She is a
>21-year-old Lunarian, with her home town in Von Braun City.

Nina is only 21 and yet she is so brilliant to have designed two gundams?!
You certainly wouldn't know it from the way she is portrayed. BTW, in 1/144
scale those figures would have to be tiny, say about 1.5cm. Are you
planning on scratch building the figures?


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