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>yoo everyone...
> well i am now working on a 1/144 diorama scene of the GP-01fb in a
>kneeling position on the surface of the moon ... with kou running
>towards nina ... so i was wondering any one knows how tall both of them
>are??.. is nina a american?.. kou a japanese?.. if so what are there
>heights?? i want to make them as accurate as authentic as posible

Kou Uraki is 178cm (70" or 5'10") tall. His height is the only one given
so absolutely, in a "gang drawing" that uses his head height as the
baseline. He is a 19-year-old Japanese.

Nina Purpleton s just a little shorter than Kou, the top of her head about
even with his hairline -- I make it 173cm (68" or 5'8") tall. She is a
21-year-old Lunarian, with her home town in Von Braun City.


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