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>Thanks for the insight. So the mindset of side 3 was more than just
>egotisical superiority over the Earthnoids, but it had an almost religious
>bent to it. The cult of Zeon Daikun, hmm. Was newtype theory a part of his
>philosophy? It sounds like a creepy place, side 3, no wonder the other
>sides didn't join in.

Zeon Zum Daikun INVENTED the term "Newtype" and used it to qualify what he
saw as the next step in human evolution. The idea was that moving out into
space was an evolutionary step on par with moving out of the sea and onto
land. He predicted that the change in environment would result in the
development of new senses and capabilities, which he called Newtype.

Subsequent to his death, the Zeon philosophy was perverted by Giren Zavi
into a "Master Race" Theory in much the same way that Hitler distorted the
philosophy of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.


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