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> Looking at this thread, I've often wondered just how the other colonies felt
>about the Zeons. In many ways, the reaction might not've been unlike the way
>most modern nations felt about Soviet Russia during the Cold War, if this
>analogy reads correctly. However, I'd think of Zeon Daikun as Karl Marx in
>this case, espousing the philosophy of the Newtype and spacenoid independence,
>and the Zavis fill out the role of the militarist Soviets, complete with the
>cult of personality which diefied Zeon as a visionary.
> Of course, when the Zabis began their killing rampage, the other
colonies had
>to have been quaking in their boots. "Trapped between those mean old Feddies
>and these loonies from Zeon, oh my!"

In the beginning, the other colonies had pretty much a "live and let live"
view of one another. Most of them weren't out there by choice and life was
hard; you had to be "good neighbors" to get by. When the Colony Republic
declared independence, there were only three things they could do: denounce
it as treason, ignore it as "not our problem" or cheer it in principal
while pressing for more autonomy through regular channels. Some, like Side
6, did all three.

The Federation applied sanctions to the Colony Republic long before it
became militarized and was somewhat indiscriminate, such that all of Side 3
declared common cause and joined the rebellion, greatly extending Zeon's
influence. This frightened the Federation into tightening the screws,
driving an even larger wedge between Earthnoid and the Spacenoids.

By the time Zavi came to power, the battle lines had already been drawn.
Zavi's militarization of Side 3 fanned the flames and gave many the
impression that the autonomy movement might prevail. This caused a lot of
those who might otherwise have not to ally themselves with Zeon, in hopes
of riding their coattails to self-determination. This parallels the Soviet
appeal to Third World countries, promising them freedom from their
colonialist oppressors, but it also parallels the Japanese proposed
"Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere" of the 1930s, where Japan appealed to
downtrodden Asian peoples to overthrow their European masters in favor of
Japanese patronage.


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