Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 15 May 1999 13:05:57 -0700 (MST)

> watching 0080 and 0083. My chief picking points are:
> 1) The characters/pilots seems so lame...=) I can't related to ANY

  Well, if you only saw the first episode....

> 2) The producers apparently worship Gundarium.. I mean, come on,
> taking a _few_ direct hits on the back pack and still shrugging it off? And

   Hey, the original gundam was _just_ as invulnerable to Zakus as the WG
mecha are to Leos. There's nothing new here.

> that mega-mega-mega beam rifle?? I think 0083's treatment of Gundarium is

  Again, no different than the Type-100s Megabazooka, or any number of the
famous 'buster rifles' from the UC continuity...

> much better, since while Cima was shocked at GP01's resilience, the armour
> wasn't a be-all and end-all..

  Yes, but it's questionable whether the 0083 Gundams were actually
armored with Gundarium at all! After all, Cima's 110mm guns were seriously
trashing the GP-01, while in MSG the original gundam effortlessly shrugged
off 120mm rounds.

> 3) Terrible dubbing, but that's really nit-picking.

  Not the fault of the show!

> Still, it does have.. *ahem* interesting Mecha designs..

  I've said that the WG (original) designs looked like "Extras" or
hold-overs from G-Gundam. The WG reminds me of the "Heaven's Sword" plus
the God Gundam, the HeavyArms reminds me of the Maxter, the Shenlong of
the Dragon, etc etc. Even so, these designs were light-years better than
the G-Gundams or the Turn-As, or several of the G-Xs...

> On a related note, did anyone noticed that on the HG GWEW 1/100
> Heavy Arms Custom kit (IIRC..) side panel, half of the face of that Gundam
> was covered by Heero's clown mask that he wore in the circus? Interesting, ne?

  I think you're thinking of Trowa... Heero pilots the Wing-Zero-Custom.


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