Mitchell DT (
Sat, 15 May 1999 19:34:22 +0700

        Welcome to the Gundam ML, Mitch.
        For the scripts, I don't know where to find them (I generally don't keep up
        much with GW, as I prefer the old UC timeline) but they are sure to be on the
        net somewhere.

        Well....I have been looking fot them 4 some time....but hasn't succeded yet...

        So I ask 4 anyone here for help.....

    An addendum to my previous message. I'm going to warn you now, Mitch. This is the mailing list for discussion of ALL Gundam shows, ranging from the original all the way to the newest show, Turn-A Gundam. There is a lot on here that may not even interest you. On the other hand, maybe it'll whet your interest enough to get you to look into the other aspects of the Gundam phenomona.
    OK...Got no problem
    If you find someone saying something negative about GW, don't take it personally. All of us have our own favorite Gundam stories, and most of us are tremendiously loyal to those stories. Basically, what I'm saying is come in with an open mind, and be willing to try new things, to see new visions of this masterpiece of anime...
    Woow......I understand it perfectly......Every person has his own taste.....But what I want 2 is this ML
    only 4 discussing Gundam thingies or not????....

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