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Just a question, and it doesn't matter how you answer this, but doesn't
anybody feel proud/part of the movies? The Star Wars movies are pretty
darn simplistic; the traditional good VS. evil and it's only one of the few
stories that actually survived till this day. The hype I think is about
living the nostalgia, and living in a world which is purely fictional from
our own. Life is pretty stressful for me, and although I'm not swinging
around a plastic light saber, I'm extremely excited about SW. SW is just
one of those things to let loose and just be fun. It's like being a kid
again; no worries, no fears, no stress, no deadlines to make. I think
everybody gets a little from that from SW.

> No harm meant, but I just got a bit frustrated with people making too much
> hype about what may be in essence, a replay of the Episode IV, except that
> there is no Mark Hamill, just a really cool looking Darth Bozo the Clown.
> :)
> >>
>Hey no problem, I think the hype is kinda stupid too. I am just one of those
>diehard gundam/star wars junkies. I am not riding the wave of hype, I just
>love all the movies.
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