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> Aaron, you find the best links!

I usually stumble across them, when I find them, I like to share them.

> I just went to my local shop today and guess what I got the last one
> of... that's right, the Turn A! *evil laugh* For all the interested
> here's a quick review of the kit. Mind you I haven't had the chance to
> it yet so all this is pure eyeballing over the parts and instruction
> booklet. When I get it built (should be in a couple of days) I'll post a
> complete review. Anyway, here are the details:
> I'll stand by my earlier statement that this is a fine looking kit.
> no Matrix I guess, but at least it isn't Starship Troopers. Though it's
> supposed to be OYW height, the proportions are more like GW which makes for
> a tall, lanky model. Don't know how it will look compared to my ReGZ yet.
> The joint system is straight out of GX. There's nothing new here folks,
> o' stuff. There does not seem to be any "super" articulation, though it
> ain't exactly stiff. If you've built the old 144 Wing or X kits, you'll
> probably know what to expect. Two gimmicks stand out though. One you have
> all probably seen is the split shoulder. Basically, the should block comes
> in 2 pieces (that fit over the arm): front/top and back. The back part is
> stiff and doesn't move at all. The front/top is on a little ball hinge and
> you can rotate this as you move the arm. This, I think, is supposed to be
> some cheap imitation of the Mk. II shoulder block, but personally, I think
> it's stupid. This will be the first thing to go when I make custom mods.
> The second gimmick involves the body. Apparently, they got some EW 144
> action going on here with a ball joint in the lower abdomen (red part). The
> upper torso (blue part) can then sort of bend forward and back, and side to
> side on this thing. Neat I guess... Oh and that missile silo everyone
> it's actually an optional torso part that you can swap in place of the
> normal (closed) torso. Panels don't flip open in the chest (was that really
> too much to hope for).
> The head comes in 4 pieces, top/front, back, crest, and face/moustache.
> This I find particularly annoying. I have always thought that the moustache
> is supposed to look like the V-fin (according to the close-up of the head
> Newtype). The model, however, has it looking like a boomerang from hell. I
> wanted to fix this by reshaping it with a file, but with the face and
> moustache as one piece it makes it much more inconvenient. *grumble* I
> suppose I'd have to carefully cut the piece out, shape it, and then glue it
> back onto the face.
> The panel lines come out really well on the kit. You can probably run a
> Gundam marker or one of those Pigma pens over them and get good results.
> kit is modeled in off-white, blue, red, and dark gray. Needless to say, a
> paint job, any paint job would be greatly appreciated.
> If you don't mind the Turn A, I would definitely recommend getting this
> kit. Even if you don't much favor the Turn A, it's still not too bad of a
> choice. It's a nice looking kit and that's that. I question some of the
> design choices, but that's nit-picking. At 500 yen, you shouldn't pass this
> one up.
> Thanks for listening,
> ray

So, theres no yellow pieces? What type of stickers are on the sticker sheet
and what places do they color?

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