Sat, 15 May 1999 12:22:10 EDT

<<The Gundam Wing boys are psychopaths, no doubt about it! Heero has a death
wish and the Deathscythe's pilot thinks he's The God of Death!>>
:::glares::: Why does everyone take this to a mental level? I think that the
Gundam Boys are a bit extreme, and it isn't very realistic, but think about
it.... with the kind of lives they've had, who can blame them for being
<< I mean, the Wing boys need a doctor, not a huge Gundam! Quarte seems
normal, though. I noticed that about them killng right off the bat. The
first few episodes, all
I could think is, Man, these guys are good guys with death wishes and should
be the bad guys, expect for Quarte.>>

And another thing... It's not like this is really going to happen... I'm sure
everyone here understands how stereotyped all these characters are... I cant
understand why people don't think that children ((like myself)) could handle
such responsability... In fact, I have a lot more in common with Duo than I
care to mention, and quite frankly, that scares me. i love GundamW...even to
the extent of "worship", as my sister calls it, but I understand that it's
not real... i mean, this kind of thing isn't about to happen... what kind of
person would trust a teenager enough to give them a 15 meter tall killing
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