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 But, no Gundam fan can or should say Turn A's not Gundam, until a fan
 actually sees the show from beginning to ending. Turn A itself my barely
 like our normal opinion of what a Gundam should look like. But nothing can
 truly be said about Turn A until the end of Turn A or when one sees enough
 episodes to justify that Turn A is not Gundam. We can judge Turn A's mecha
 designs, since the Turn A mecha desgins are final. The show cannot be judged
 as unGundam on 4-8 Episodes. Gundam Wing got better after the first 8
 episodes. Turn A sounds like an excellnt anime. I don't want an arguement
 from this, just had to say that. Besides, from what I have heard, Turn A is
 doing excatly what Tomino wanted, to turn Gundam inside out and redefine
 Gundam is.
I totally agree. The mecha is almost irrelevant without a good story. I
mean look at all of the hatred towards ZZ and G. I am actually very sad that
I can't see the Turn A anime myself because it sounds awesome. Maybe after
awhile, the Turn A Robot won't bother us so much, especially if the story is

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