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Chris Beilby wrote :
> "A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away...." wrote:
> > >I am of lesser opinion about the rest of the clowns brought in after Unit
> > 2 was stolen.
> >
> > >I'm surprised that they actually managed to survived OYW, and probably
> > >cause South lots of headache when he was their squad leader.
> >
> > That probably explains why he looks so blasted old for only being 28.
> >
> Actually, Adel's not too bad. He seems to be the quietest of the three, but
> the smartest as well.. Bate is nice enough, but just a gung ho type. As for
> Monsha, well, he's Monsha. Nuff Said.
Hehe, I always thought that Monsha had been more thought up than meets
the eye: I mean, he's not such a bad guy, he might even be funny when
he's on *your* side, but fundamentally, he's a narrow minded bigot (just
look at his stance about spacenoids) and can act like a bastard with his
ennemies (just see how he treats POWs), so I think Monsha was actually
made to make the audience understand what kind of people Titans couid be
(I know, Bait and Adel too become Titans but Monsha is your archetypic
Titans officer).
Regarding Adel, he's indeed the smartest of the 3, but also has the
lowest ranking one: Bait and Monsha are Lt Jr Grade while he's still an
enseign, I could never figure that.

By the way, I remember a discussion here some time ago that stated that
Apoli and Roberto were actually ex Fed Pilots, not Zeons. So, I guess
Apoli would qualify for that GM ace thing, he's actually a very skillful
pilot by 0087!
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