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Sat, 15 May 1999 04:31:39 -0700

Finally got my hands on the PG Gundam and the custom weapon set (they also
include one of those PG Gundam poster, just like last time when they mailed
my PG Zaku) and I must say, those custom weapon set are kinda rip-off. I am
not sure if the modelers of the mailing list is aware of it (maybe it's
because nobody brought it...), but the first weapon set only comes with
clear parts enough to replace the head, the left arm, left leg and parts of
the body. The rest of the clear parts comes with weapon set #2 (the manual
in weapon set#2 show a picture of the PG Gundam with both clear parts, and
other than the yellow parts (and the backpack, I assume), the whole outer
armor can be seen through). At least weapon set #1 came with that "light"
beam saber! As a "special bonus" of the custom weapon set #2, it also came
with the decals (is that what you call those stickers that needs water to
work?) that can replace those stickers that came with PG Gundam. The weapon
set #2 also include the beam javelin, hammar, two Hyper Bazooka (I guess
they pick that up from the PS Char's Counterattack game {or is that from the
original series? I don't remember if RX-78 has two Hyper Bazooka in the TV
series...}) and an extra beam rifle. I guess it's Bandai's way of trying to
get as much money from serious model builders, since they are more likely to
pick up both set of custom weapon set just to get the weapons and decals (I
think I remember some people on the list or newsgroup that are really pissed
about the fact that PG Gundam and Zaku came with stickers instead of
decals). I just wish that if there are Black Trinity, Johnny Raideen PG
Zaku add-ons (if they try to do the Char Zaku thing again, I am going to
kill somebody down in Bandai), just include every damn thing in one

Edmund Chiu

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