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> Credit goes to Kota and his Gundam Mailing List Archive site. This is in the
> GMLA's News section. Here goes:
> "New Material Model: Turn-A Gundam
> Summer, 1999
> Bandai
> This somewhat reminds of High Complete Model. This recreates a gimmick that
> is yet to be revealed in magazine! Size is about 1/100, made of Titanium
> alloy."
> This is going to be one heck of a durable toy! I can't wait to buy one of
> these when its released. I was just thinking, since the Turn A will PROBABLY
> get a mid show upgrade/replacement, wonder what it will be called? My idea
> is: Turn AA or Turn A Turn :)
> Aaron
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How about the Gundam Mark II? Or a Sentinel...

I'll bet you that if there is a replacement Gundam halfway through, it's going
to be excavated. Hell, it could even be the RX-78-3!

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