Mark Nguyen (
Sat, 15 May 1999 01:14:49 PDT

>and less depressing? Probably. However, EVA is definitely a new side to
>Anime and perhaps more of a turning point towards writing new, more
>comprehensive Anime in the future. But after EVA was released, I was
>really disappointed that everybody thought EVA was a thing of the past and
>it's "out" of fashion; you can say. Anime is a work of art, doesn't matter
>which one, and for people to just toss it aside as though it was an old
> really bothers me. IMHO.

Well, I'll just say here that when I was in Japan, there was a *lot* more
EVA merchandise still in the sotres than GW stuff (though there was some. On
the doujinshi (fan-manga) side though, GW outscored everyone else *put


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