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>Well, you could never tell in the animation, but all the OZ MS are
>equipped with very good ejection system, so the survival rate of the pilot
>is actually in 80% range, I believe.
>....And he spend about 1/4 of the series trying to cope with it.
>But one of the things people are overlooking is the war is subtraction.
>If you don't kill your enemy, he/she will kill you, or someone who's close
>to you gets hurt/killed. I believe this is how many of the teen pilots in
>UC got over the fact that they are mass murderers. If you are still not
>convinced, well, what can I say?
>If you think the story about someone who was forced to be mass murderer at
>the age of 13, and think it's ridiculous than it's sad, there's not much I
>can do about it.
>(unless, it was portrayed in extremely corny way, which Episode Zero is
>somewhat guilty of)

You speak as though the world all revolves around the Anime. Well, lemme
tell ya this, Wing obviously isn't a very emotional Anime and I know that
for sure, since the mass media looks at it more like a fan boy Anime. It's
like comparing EVA and Wing, which one are you going to take more
seriously? The sad thing is that everybody seems to remember Wing more
than EVA after it's primal release...probably because it's more glamourous
and less depressing? Probably. However, EVA is definitely a new side to
Anime and perhaps more of a turning point towards writing new, more
comprehensive Anime in the future. But after EVA was released, I was
really disappointed that everybody thought EVA was a thing of the past and
it's "out" of fashion; you can say. Anime is a work of art, doesn't matter
which one, and for people to just toss it aside as though it was an old really bothers me. IMHO.

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