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I agree that the glamourization of using children for destruction is a bit
inhumane. Although they might be mature enough to know what is good from
bad, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't justify that other children know from
good or bad. It's mostly children who watch Gundam Wing pretty much and
I'm sure that the JP boyz look is a complete in. If one actually notices
the influence of Anime nowadays, it's pretty much that "asian gangster"
look or all out perverted skanky cute Anime girls. It's getting pretty
distasteful IMHO, and the only Anime I look forward to is the revamped
Vampire Hunter D. I can't think of any new Anime being released currently
that would actually be worth watching. Anime is definitely losing it's
touch and I started to really hate it after I watched EVA. EVA was an
excellent depiction of premature violence and it showed what violence does
to an already unstable mind; hence Shinji Ikari. However, Wing and a lot
of other Anime's are doing the exact opposite by saying that violence is
"cool" or the trendy thing to do. The other day I was watching a Chinese
music video and it had a girl and a guy singing a very happy tune. It was
trendy Chinese pop, and the video had an overall happy look to it; nice
bright colors and everything. The disturbing thing was the the props they
had for the singers were hand guns. Although they were fake, the singers
were winging them around like regular objects. In fact the male singer was
singing into the gun like it was a microphone, and the camera would have
shots of the girl pointing the gun at the camera and then pretending to
fire off a shot...or the girl was pointing the gun at the male singer and
doing the same. I think poses a similar message as many Anime's are doing
now; saying that violence is cool and all that. And perhaps could have
been the cause of the shooting down in the States. The media's saying it's
thanks to violent video games that caused the incident; it's so severe that
happy go lucky land of Disney is taking out all the violent video games out
of their theme park....something which I think is rather irrational. A lot
of people already know about Quake, and tons of people play games the like
so...and obviously we don't see people running around shooting people. I
think when it comes down to the influence of violence and were it's coming
from is the "advertising" when the media says it's "cool" to kill or
inflict pain on others.

>>Well, you could never tell in the animation, but all the OZ MS are
>>equipped with very good ejection system, so the survival rate of the pilot
>>is actually in 80% range, I believe.
>Eh? Where'd that one come from? Mind you, if we're seeing the same pilots
>get blown up all the time, it might explain why they all blow up the same
>way. :P
>>But one of the things people are overlooking is the war is subtraction.
>>If you don't kill your enemy, he/she will kill you, or someone who's close
>>to you gets hurt/killed. I believe this is how many of the teen pilots in
>>UC got over the fact that they are mass murderers. If you are still not
>>convinced, well, what can I say?
>Don't get me wrong; war *is* hell. Most Gundam series do a very good job in
>portraying this fact. And that most of the "teen killers" were essentially
>forced into the role of mass-murderer, by chance or by their in-born talent.
>And in the case of Camille, how it can drive you insane.
>What I'm talking about is the glamorization of *teen* killers in the more
>recent series, Wing included. X especially. It ain't healthy.
>>If you think the story about someone who was forced to be mass murderer at
>>the age of 13, and think it's ridiculous than it's sad, there's not much I
>>can do about it.
>Not ridiculous, disturbing. Which it plainly is!
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