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Fri, 14 May 1999 23:17:22 PDT

>Well, you could never tell in the animation, but all the OZ MS are
>equipped with very good ejection system, so the survival rate of the pilot
>is actually in 80% range, I believe.

Eh? Where'd that one come from? Mind you, if we're seeing the same pilots
get blown up all the time, it might explain why they all blow up the same
way. :P

>But one of the things people are overlooking is the war is subtraction.
>If you don't kill your enemy, he/she will kill you, or someone who's close
>to you gets hurt/killed. I believe this is how many of the teen pilots in
>UC got over the fact that they are mass murderers. If you are still not
>convinced, well, what can I say?

Don't get me wrong; war *is* hell. Most Gundam series do a very good job in
portraying this fact. And that most of the "teen killers" were essentially
forced into the role of mass-murderer, by chance or by their in-born talent.
And in the case of Camille, how it can drive you insane.

What I'm talking about is the glamorization of *teen* killers in the more
recent series, Wing included. X especially. It ain't healthy.

>If you think the story about someone who was forced to be mass murderer at
>the age of 13, and think it's ridiculous than it's sad, there's not much I
>can do about it.

Not ridiculous, disturbing. Which it plainly is!


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