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On Fri, 14 May 1999, Stuart Ng wrote:

<major portion snipped>

Looks like your primary source of dislike is Gundanium. If you
really can't stomach that metal, you can pretty much kiss that show

> I mean, just because
> newtypes have psychic abilities and have faster reflexes doesn't really
> give them a definitive advantage over any other type of enemy. I think it
> would be logical to assume that the enemy aren't totally flunkies if they
> are given responsibility of a piece of hardware that's probably worth a
> million bucks or something.

Actually, once Taurus is in major circulation, OZ pilots do alot better.

> away hallway and not hit each other. :D And who can forget Herro's
> patented tank top and shorts? He always wears that outfit and one would
> wonder if the creator's would at least give them a space suit of uniform
> calibur or something.

How much GW have you seen? Yes, Heero does spend many hours in that
tanktop and shorts, but from episode 1 he has appeared in different
uniform. Let's see, in the course of TV series, school uniform, genelic
space suits, OZ uniform, pilot's normal suits, Epyon's specialized normal
suits, maybe more.

> And in the beginning...Herro gets shot and then he
> get's up again...wtf. Ok, I can believe the incredible martial arts
> skills, but then getting shot and having enough endurance and stamina to
> continue to fight? Ah...at that age it's difficult to believe.

Um, didn't he get shot in the arm? Shot in the arm is very painful, but
getting up isn't very difficult. And I believe after releasing that
torpedo, he passed out. He didn't necessarily fight after he got shot.


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