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On Fri, 14 May 1999, Mark Nguyen wrote:
> Another point that I typically get uncomfy with is the issue of murder with
> Gundam pilots. Doesn't anyone get the jitters when you realize it's a *15
> year-old boy* wiping out dozens of men & mecha every episode? And *enjoying*
> it? And that's only in Gundam Wing. In Victory, Usso is what, *13*?! And a
> killer? Hmph.

0079 dealt with that very well. Amuro could coolly calculate how he can
aim for the cockpit of a Zaku without blowing up the reactor. Next thing
he could not bring himself to shoot at humans. For him, MS combat is
somehow an abstract game of survival, but shooting at humans seems like
more of a REAL murder. Later on in the war, he learned more, became
tougher and darker and even grabbed a (human-size) pistol and shot a Zeon

This aspect of Amuro is really well written and very prophetic, witness
today you have a whole nation who doesn't bat an eyelash about careless

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