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> It's basically to have someone for the (teen) audience to look up to
> the mecha, to idolize and (for the girls) fantasize about. By comparison,
> most "normal" Gundam protagonists are hardly a blip on the heart-o-meter.
> Comparing stories, I highly doubt Jude, Camille, Usso or Amuro are on too
> many 10-ten-sexiest-pilot-alive lists...
> Another point that I typically get uncomfy with is the issue of murder
> Gundam pilots. Doesn't anyone get the jitters when you realize it's a *15
> year-old boy* wiping out dozens of men & mecha every episode? And
> it? And that's only in Gundam Wing. In Victory, Usso is what, *13*?! And a
> killer? Hmph.

The Gundam Wing boys are psychopaths, no doubt about it!! Heero has a death
wish and the Deathscythe's pilot thinks he's The God of Death! I mean, the
Wing boys need a doctor, not a huge Gundam! Quarte seems normal, though. I
noticed that about them killng right off the bat. The first few episodes, all
I could think is, Man, these guys are good guys with death wishes and should
be the bad guys, expect for Quarte.

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