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> Ok, I can believe the incredible martial arts
> skills, but then getting shot and having enough endurance and stamina to
> continue to fight? that age it's difficult to believe.

Heero is a clone/super human, though. That's not realistic, but I don't care.
Having something be too real, changes a show from entertainment to a
documentary. Gundam Wing is not perfect, it its still entertainment and
enjoyable. I like stuff to have a reason for working and be explained, but
that gets old when it interferes with a story or you get a tech overdose.
Gundam Wing is enjoyable, but it could have been better, but you can could
have, should have, would have,wished they had've something to death. I accept
a show for what it is, I do could have/wished have most things I watch,buy,
etc., but I do this just a little. A anime, movie, etc., won't change once
its finished, no matter how we wish it would.

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