Mark Nguyen (
Fri, 14 May 1999 21:17:22 PDT

> Well that's the reason why it was aimed at the teen market...and, well,
>teens do feel invulnerable at times...I guess Heero was a symbolic extreme.
> As for the actual explanation..there have been hints in the manga side
>stories about "intense training". I don't know how intense that was, but
>for him to survive all that stuff he's gone through, he must have had cyber
>augmentation or incredible internal body control like what some monks and
>fakirs can do.

It's basically to have someone for the (teen) audience to look up to besides
the mecha, to idolize and (for the girls) fantasize about. By comparison,
most "normal" Gundam protagonists are hardly a blip on the heart-o-meter.
Comparing stories, I highly doubt Jude, Camille, Usso or Amuro are on too
many 10-ten-sexiest-pilot-alive lists...

Another point that I typically get uncomfy with is the issue of murder with
Gundam pilots. Doesn't anyone get the jitters when you realize it's a *15
year-old boy* wiping out dozens of men & mecha every episode? And *enjoying*
it? And that's only in Gundam Wing. In Victory, Usso is what, *13*?! And a
killer? Hmph.


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