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I agree completely with what is said below. Critics are there to give an
idea of what the movie is about, good and bad, pros and cons. Movies are
art and art is based on a subjective opinion. Everybody has their own
tastes and so forth. Like Matrix, some people didn't like Matrix because I
don't know...they didn't know what the heck was going many of my
friends, or it was too mediocre and stereotypical. However, I liked the
Matrix and that's what's important. It doesn't matter what a billion
people say about a particular piece of entertainment...just as long as one
person likes it then it's successful...well...creatively that is.

>>I guess that what I'm saying is that you go into something with an open
>>and you'll be in better shape. Never forget that all a critic is doing is
>>telling you their own opinion. They have a inflated ego while doing this
>>because they are being published/brodcast. The fact of the matter is,
>none of
>>htem are truly what would be called experte...
> Untrue. I am from the same training and background needed to make a
>"critic". I will agree with you that most of them are idiots...hell, they
>forget that one of the main purposes of art is to entertain. However,
>there are good critics...those who are not interested in a movie's
>box-office potential. These are the critics who point out a movie's good
>and bad points, and say their opinion in a proper, measured fashion. I am
>actually embarrassed by some critics who don't even have the decency to
>admit when they're wrong, and then blame the audience for being
> Critics are useful when they point out possible problems, but I think that
>a critic must also know how to be diplmoatic. The idea that the truth has
>to be said as it is is pure BS. There is a way of telling the truth so
>that you can get it across in its entirety and still not slag
>somebody/something. That's what all those English and Writing classes were

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