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>But, no Gundam fan can or should say Turn A's not Gundam, until a fan
>actually sees the show from beginning to ending. Turn A itself my barely
>like our normal opinion of what a Gundam should look like. But nothing can
>truly be said about Turn A until the end of Turn A or when one sees enough
>episodes to justify that Turn A is not Gundam. We can judge Turn A's mecha
>designs, since the Turn A mecha desgins are final. The show cannot be judged
>as unGundam on 4-8 Episodes. Gundam Wing got better after the first 8
>episodes. Turn A sounds like an excellnt anime. I don't want an arguement
>from this, just had to say that. Besides, from what I have heard, Turn A is
>doing excatly what Tomino wanted, to turn Gundam inside out and redefine
>Gundam is.

I understand what you mean, I have to say that any fan would give a chance
to anything including Turn A. I gave a chance to Gundam Wing though, and
although the mecha is like total fan boy stuff and looks totally cool...the
Anime makes no sense at all. You kinda wonder with more than half the
Gundam mecha being only close combat, and Heavy Arms being the primary
ranged attacker...and every enemy has sophisticated ranged targeting
systems, one has to wonder after all battles with the enemy...the Gundams
don't sustain at least some type of damage or even be destroyed. I know
they do get destroyed or replaced, but then then the mecha battles in Wing
aren't even that realistic; to a certain degree. I mean, even the flunkies
should be even capable of putting some sort of challenge towards the Gundam
pilots, even if the Gundam pilots are newtypes. I mean, just because
newtypes have psychic abilities and have faster reflexes doesn't really
give them a definitive advantage over any other type of enemy. I think it
would be logical to assume that the enemy aren't totally flunkies if they
are given responsibility of a piece of hardware that's probably worth a
million bucks or something. And the enemies die by the hundreds by the
hands of the Gundams with little trouble...another plus that Wing has some
of the most low tech hardware that I've seen to date. They have high
mobility and energy weapon capability that all the in-battle strategic
combat like dog fighting and close combat are pretty simple and primitive.
The style and feeling of the "high-tech" society seemed pretty common and
mediocre and I think they didn't put much thought into Wing. Like how
EXACTLY does the wings on Wing Zero bend and move? What type of material
are they made of? Gundam I know is to be an Anime of technical, creative
and political expertise and perhaps Wing had creative and political things
covered...but I did not see anything technical.

Oh yeah I found it kinda funny and a bit TOO mellow dramatic when Herro and
some enemy flunkies would just duke it out in a rifle fight in a straight
away hallway and not hit each other. :D And who can forget Herro's
patented tank top and shorts? He always wears that outfit and one would
wonder if the creator's would at least give them a space suit of uniform
calibur or something. And in the beginning...Herro gets shot and then he
get's up Ok, I can believe the incredible martial arts
skills, but then getting shot and having enough endurance and stamina to
continue to fight? that age it's difficult to believe.
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