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>Exactly. The "Critics" have been taking a pounding of late because it's
>being to look
>more and more like they have no idea of what they are watching. Movies
>that they
>say are going to be bombs are blockbusters, while movies that they rave
>about are
>only in the theaters for a week. I only have to point to Titanic for you.
>Most of the
>critics said that Titanic was going to die in the theaters because it was
>so late coming
>out. I don't have to tell you how well it did. Like you said, they are
>suffering from
>inflated egos, and it is really starting to show. Besides, how many of
>you *really*
>pay attention to what the critics have to say about a movie anyway?
>Linwood Foster, The_Sentinel@Gundam.Com

        That's because a lot of critics watch the movies in private theaters.
They should watcyh it with the whole audience in a normal one...that way,
they can get a feel for how the crowds reacts...they can save their
nitpicking of a mivie until they've gotten through it AGAIN at
home...admittedly, any critic who watches a movie only once is not a good
        It is worthwhile to actually read a good critic in two instances:
        A) before the movie, he can prep you for what the initial reaction has
been and etcetera...that way, you have a better, more realistic expectation
of a film, specially when it's been hyped up. Of course, there is an art
to reading critical articles as well, and that is to take it with a big
grain of salt.
        B) After the movie, so you can see how your views and his coincide or

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