Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Fri, 14 May 1999 14:42:13 -0700

> Yeah and I suppose if I said all that Gundam was about was a
> bunch of people
> fighting a war over control of the world and it's space colonies I'd get
> flamed for that.. Not that I'd say that mind you.

I suppose. Don't take too much into my post though. It was written in 6AM,
my nether time...

For all what's said and done, I'm going to go and enjoy the movie, there is
no doubt in that. However, what I am concerned is that people are making
more about this movie than needs to be (ahem, kinda like the events
paralleling in here and TurnAip, but that's another story, or is it?). And
of course, there will be a select few that will make this more that it needs
to be (like the people here...).

No harm meant, but I just got a bit frustrated with people making too much
hype about what may be in essence, a replay of the Episode IV, except that
there is no Mark Hamill, just a really cool looking Darth Bozo the Clown.

Y. "I'm Burned out today!" Choe

Hey, I made a funny. :)

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