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 Layered Plot?!?! That I gotta see. But then again, if you saw the
 trailers, then you all know what the friggin plot is about. Obi and Qui go
 and save Queen What's her name with painted white face. Oh yeah, and there
 is something that looks like the Death Star too... Ah oh dear! Two dark
 lords of sith! Dear heavens me! IT's going to take me 25 showings to see
 just how that Darth Bozo the Clown really does the fancy schamncy martial
 arts swing, or how that snot-faced Anakin runs over small desert
Yeah and I suppose if I said all that Gundam was about was a bunch of people
fighting a war over control of the world and it's space colonies I'd get
flamed for that.. Not that I'd say that mind you.


P.S. Flame off now, I am not going to get into a flame war

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