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>I guess that what I'm saying is that you go into something with an open
>and you'll be in better shape. Never forget that all a critic is doing
>telling you their own opinion. They have a inflated ego while doing
>because they are being published/brodcast. The fact of the matter is,
none of
>htem are truly what would be called experte...

Exactly. The "Critics" have been taking a pounding of late because it's
being to look
more and more like they have no idea of what they are watching. Movies
that they
say are going to be bombs are blockbusters, while movies that they rave
about are
only in the theaters for a week. I only have to point to Titanic for you.
Most of the
critics said that Titanic was going to die in the theaters because it was
so late coming
out. I don't have to tell you how well it did. Like you said, they are
suffering from
inflated egos, and it is really starting to show. Besides, how many of
you *really*
pay attention to what the critics have to say about a movie anyway?

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