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>that is what a lot of people who have seen the screening said. If you
go in
>there with low expectations you willbe blown away. To be honest I think
>real complaint is that the movie is aimed more at kids what with Jar Jar
>all and everyone wants a hardore dark movie like Empire. Nevertheless

Right, that is exactly the problem. Everyone knows that this series has
to do with
Anakin being turned into Darth Vader. People are going into the movie
expecting to
see him do some weird tricks or something evil to show that he is Darth
Vader. They
are being disappointed because Lucas is a much better storyteller than
any of these
recent directors and scriptwriters. He knows how to tell the tale such
that you realize
the full enormity of how Anakin became what he becomes. Lucas isn't going
to hit
you over the head with portents and foreshadowing out of the butt like so
others would. He's going to be subtle, while making sure that you have a
time watching the movie in the meantime.
More than the special effects, more than the epic battles, Star Wars is
about choices.
The characters choose to become what they become not because it is
written in the
script, but because of the events they experience on the way to their
final decision.
For Han Solo it started with helping out some kid, then eventually
falling in love
with the girl who ends up being the kid's sister. For Luke it started out
with his
wanting to leave home, only to come back and find out his family has all
been killed.
For Leia it started with ensuring that plans to a battlestation got away
at the possible
cost of her own life, then having to see everyone and everyplace she ever
destroyed in one instant. For Anakin, it starts with him winning a
podrace, being
freed from slavery, and helping a Queen take back her kingdom. Where he
goes from
there is a matter of the future choices that he makes.
As has been said so many other times, this movie is only the beginning.
This is the
movie that begins a saga that ends with the Jedi dead, Anakin as Darth
Vader, Kenobi
as a grizzled old general who wants nothing to do with the galaxy, and
as the Emperor of the known galaxy. And in the end it will all come down
to the
choices that they make. Now if you want a dark movie, the third one will
be it. That
will be the movie where Anakin and Palpatine both make their final
decisions and
the death of the Jedi begins.

>P.S. There was a HUGE line where I live, but I got there before alot
>of them and I DID get my tickets!! hahahaha

Same here. The Senator Theater had a line of more than 2000 people
standing in
front of it. The people of Baltimore are a bt saner than everyone else
though. We didn't
start lining up until the night before the tickets went on sale. The
scary thing is, I
can still get tickets to the early prevue at Midnight on Tuesday.

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