Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 14 May 1999 10:01:16 PDT

> >> > HLJ has the early Sandrock and Nataku versions with pics...
> >>
> >> Those are pics of the regular EW kits with the 'early add-on'
> >> perhaps the early-kits themselves may be more subtly different.
> >
> >>From what I heard, these "Early Model" was originally planned to be a
> >series of kits from Bandai, but it got canned. But it was popular enough
> >to come out from B-Club as mod parts.
> >
> >Kota
>Quite a hefty price to pay though! Some Y4800 for those modified parts,
>hmmm, hardly justifiable.

B-Club has too charge this, as with all garage kits. Only a certain
percent of fans will be interested in these variants, and only a
certain percent of that percent will be able to make and paint these
non-colored non-fan friendly kits. So to get decent returns, profit-
wise, they have to jack up the price.

Mark Kai

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