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Fri, 14 May 1999 06:59:49 -0700

<Rant on. All hypersensitive Star Wars Fans should not read this slightly
inflammatory post>

> I just have to say a few things about the New Star Wars. Some
> people have
> said the story is weak. But from all of the really positive
> reviews I have
> read I realize a major issue: George layered the plot so well that you
> probably don't get it all on the first showing. Kinda like how I
> didn't get
> all of Akira until like the tenth time I saw it. In the same way our
> Attention Defecit generation only seems to grasp surfacey things
> a lot and so
> these type of people might've just totally missed the boat.

Layered Plot?!?! That I gotta see. But then again, if you saw the
trailers, then you all know what the friggin plot is about. Obi and Qui go
and save Queen What's her name with painted white face. Oh yeah, and there
is something that looks like the Death Star too... Ah oh dear! Two dark
lords of sith! Dear heavens me! IT's going to take me 25 showings to see
just how that Darth Bozo the Clown really does the fancy schamncy martial
arts swing, or how that snot-faced Anakin runs over small desert

This movie stinks of simple plot holes if you ask me. But then again, it
didn't take much to understand the plot holes for the original trilogy.
It's all on the level of how much people are willing to make of it, or
willing to get out of a simple fairy tales...

> Another issue is that everyone has an obsession with darth Maul
> and since he
> isn't in the movie that often they are pissed about that and
> blaming the film
> for it.

Well, its not everyday that you get really bad ass in Star Wars. All the
villains save for that Emperor Palpatine is a nilly willy wimp. Even Darth
Vader turned out to be a wimp in the end...

> Well either way I guess what I am saying is that if you just go
> in and watch
> the movie without trying to rate it against the original Trilogy
> and you'll
> be fine. Kinda like how everyone compares every Gundam show with the
> Original. And hey at least with the new Star Wars everyone
> pretty much likes
> the looks of the new elements, unlike Turn A. Well either way I just hope
> everone goes out there, let's go of all of the negative BS they've been
> hearing, and has an awesome time.

Huh? Come on, let's all be honest. Everyone has something against TunrAip
Mobile Suit, and that's it. For all anyone cares, the other mobile suits
can look like it CRAWELED OUT OF A friggin TARPIT (and lo and behold, half
of them will be by the end of the series!). I just think everyone needs to
buck up, shut the e'll up, forget the Hype (both +ve and -ve), sit down, and
enjoy the ride. All complaints should be made after the ride.

All flames to /dev/null/. Um... Wait, I hear tha's a full directory now.

Y. "Screw Darth Bozo the Clown. I want some real badass in mah movies"
Choe, who is definitely not waiting in a friggin line for some stupid movie

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