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 A lot of people I know have already changed their plan of seeing Star Wars
 on opening day, upon hearing the negative reviews. I was very surprised
 when I went to buy tickets on Wednesday, because there was NO LINE when I
 expected the first week to be sold out in an hour! Well, I guess I'll go
 in with the Godzilla mindset... upon bad word of mouth I went expecting the
 worst and actually enjoyed the movie for what it was. :)
 Eddie >>
that is what a lot of people who have seen the screening said. If you go in
there with low expectations you willbe blown away. To be honest I think the
real complaint is that the movie is aimed more at kids what with Jar Jar and
all and everyone wants a hardore dark movie like Empire. Nevertheless there
have been a lot of very positive reviews. The real issue is to not go in
there with these ridiculous over the top expectations of what you think the
movie should be and just experience it for yourself.


P.S. There was a HUGE line where I live, but I got there before alot of them
and I DID get my tickets!! hahahaha
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