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Gee.. a second post, must be a blue moon.

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Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A Gundam Specs

> > Another question: How do kids or people raised on the moon survive in
> >Earth's gravity well?
> > Possible solution: They've got "Minofsky Gravity" or giant treadmills
> >something on the moon.
> Doubtful - Tomino has _never_ resorted to the bogus artificial gravity
> cop-out of live-action sci-fi. And treadmills obviously wouldn't work,
> since the "gravity" would be higher at one end than at the other. Most
> likely the Moonrace simply have some adapting in store for them.
    The kids are what, 15-ish? Which means that they are still growing and
can adapt more easily. It'll be difficult at first, but as their bodies
develop, they'd get used to it. Send in an adult, however, and I betcha
they'll start complaining about them old bones real soon.

> > Another question: Why are the Moon-People trying to return to Earth? I
> >have as yet to hear _any_ reason given for this move.
> It's apparently a major plot mystery, which will be addressed in future
> episodes...
    Don't mean to bring in other shows into this, but maybe they're taking
the Earth-2 approach: Something about living in space is causing mysterious
health problems for the younger generations. Infant mortality goes up, life
span of the newer generations is becoming significantly shorter in each
passing generation. Pretty soon, there won't be much of a Moon Race anymore
so their high mucka-mucks and science dudes decide/determine that they
should go back to Terra... just a thought.

> For all that, Gwen doesn't seem like the Char character here. I think
> that honor goes to red-goggled Harry Ord, a very cool-looking enemy ace.

    That red-goggled dude is a dude??? The one with the grayish-white hair?
Geez! Akira Yasuda-san is really confusing the living hell out of me.

> That's nanoskin, a self-repairing protective coating. The Turn A
> supposedly has the same stuff on the backs of its legs.
    That's what I figured, but what do is the nanoskin doing on the legs?
And the back of the legs even? Wouldn't you want it on all the body parts?
Unless this nanoskin can move... Out of curiosity, where's the Turn A's
shield anyway? I don't see it anywhere on the vidcaps posted.


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