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>>Before the Duchy there was the Republic of Zeon. What was it like? A
>>freedom loving Democracy? Was Zeon Zum Daikun an elected leader? It seems
>>to me it is a little like the Russian revolution. First you have Lenin,
>>(the Charismatic Zeon Diakun). He shakes things up; makes the revolution
>>happen. Then Stalin (Degin Zabi) takes over and thinks really go bad.
>That's perhaps not so bad a comparison. Early translations (by Marg
>Baskin) referred to Zeon Zum Daikun's breakaway colony as the People's
>Space Republic and gave his title as Chairman. This became the
>Principality of Zeon under Arch Duke Degin Sod Zavi.
>If I were to characterize the earlier Colony Republic, as it's now being
>called, I'd say that it was more like one of the religious enclaves of
>Mennonites or Amish here in America -- or possibly the state of Utah when
>it was pretty much the Promised Land of the Church of Jesus Christ of
>Latter Day Saints (better know by the name of the Biblical addendum, the
>Book of Mormon). You have a charismatic leader preaching a new way of life
>that literally turns its back on the Earth, taking up residence on the far
>side of the Moon, from whence the Big Blue Marble is never visible. Like
>the early Massachusetts colony here in the United States, it's a democratic
>commonwealth -- all resources go into the state run store, following the
>classic formula: "from each according to his ability, to each according to
>his need." A true communism, built around a true commune.
>Hippies In Space....
Thanks for the insight. So the mindset of side 3 was more than just
egotisical superiority over the Earthnoids, but it had an almost religious
bent to it. The cult of Zeon Daikun, hmm. Was newtype theory a part of his
philosophy? It sounds like a creepy place, side 3, no wonder the other
sides didn't join in.


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