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>I've been eagerly awaiting the total integration of the metric system here
>in American for years... no more of this trying to figure out inches per
>foot, feet per yard, feet per mile, square feet per acre, yadda yadda.
>Although I hope that a 40 oz will still be a 40 oz. ^_^

Ah, the economical 1,182.94 mL....

They were telling us to "Think Metric" back when I was still in high
school, 10 years before Gundam was created.

Soft drinks are now measured in liters, but you still see the English
measures on there parenthetically to let you know that This Is Still
America. I follow the same practice on my Gundam: High Frontier web page:

<A HREF= "http://www.halcyon.com/dyar/msgundam/frontier.html" >Gundam High

By the way, Brian Linvingston of Windows Secrets fame says that rendered
links this way, with the quoted URL delimited by spaces within an anchor,
makes it usable by any e-mail program.

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