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>Before the Duchy there was the Republic of Zeon. What was it like? A
>freedom loving Democracy? Was Zeon Zum Daikun an elected leader? It seems
>to me it is a little like the Russian revolution. First you have Lenin,
>(the Charismatic Zeon Diakun). He shakes things up; makes the revolution
>happen. Then Stalin (Degin Zabi) takes over and thinks really go bad.

That's perhaps not so bad a comparison. Early translations (by Marg
Baskin) referred to Zeon Zum Daikun's breakaway colony as the People's
Space Republic and gave his title as Chairman. This became the
Principality of Zeon under Arch Duke Degin Sod Zavi.

If I were to characterize the earlier Colony Republic, as it's now being
called, I'd say that it was more like one of the religious enclaves of
Mennonites or Amish here in America -- or possibly the state of Utah when
it was pretty much the Promised Land of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints (better know by the name of the Biblical addendum, the
Book of Mormon). You have a charismatic leader preaching a new way of life
that literally turns its back on the Earth, taking up residence on the far
side of the Moon, from whence the Big Blue Marble is never visible. Like
the early Massachusetts colony here in the United States, it's a democratic
commonwealth -- all resources go into the state run store, following the
classic formula: "from each according to his ability, to each according to
his need." A true communism, built around a true commune.

Hippies In Space....

>But it seems to me that even if Degin Zabi hadn't gained power, discontent
>over earth rule was brewing over. Zeon probably could have gotten more of
>the colonists to their side, instead of killing them off, It would be
>interresting to see how it would turn out. Since the Zabi regime initiated
>the Mobile suit program, perhaps they would have never been developed in a
>Republic of Zeon vs. Fed scenario?

If you look at the timeline, you'll see that the Federation and Zeon were
at odds for a good decade before Daikun died and Zavi came to power. In
fact, the Feds attempts to quash Zeon's sefl-determination drove the rest
of Side 3 to follow suit, again some years before Zavi took over and
militarized everything.

>Man, Bandai should make a "master of orion" type strategy game set in the
>Gundam universe. It would be a blast building colonies and managing
>alliances. Oh well.

Giren's Greed seems to have a number of those elements, but it'll probably
be awhile before we get Sim Colony....


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