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>> > Another question: How do kids or people raised on the moon survive
>> > Earth's gravity well?
>> Actually, to find that out may be their mission.
> Just to survive? Interesting. Frankly, I don't see how people raised
>1/6th gee can survive on Earth in any way shape or form.. but the fact
>that these kids seemed to have no problems once they were out of their
>Flat getting around on Earth seems to suggest that the Moonies MUST have
>artificial gravity or something up there!

Oh course there has to be a logical explanation somewhere in the future
of the show.
After all, they would look a bit silly coming down to Earth, stepping out
of their
powerful mecha, proclaiming "We have come to claim this land
for....Arghh!!! Why
am...I...so...heavy...? Can't...stand...straight.....help?"

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