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> All joints are poly-caps, some need to be remodeled to fit (being a garage
> kit). They are as posable as injection models, but they tend to weight
> and some times sag a bit more. I like to use CA glue to tighten any loose
> joints, since not even super glue will stick to poly-caps. I picked up the
> 1/220 scale kits as practice kits before I start working on my Perfect
> Variable Valkyrie and Front Mission 2 models. I highly recommend the GM
> models for beginners, if you want to start with full action resin kits.
> GMs have less parts to assemble, and fewer colors of paint need. The
> Tetra is perfect for beginners because it's only two different base
> and just a few more parts than the GMs.

How much do they cost? What is CA glue? I have never heard of CA glue.

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