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> Are there joints moveable? Are the kits you mentioned good for a resin kit
> beginner?
> Aaron
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All joints are poly-caps, some need to be remodeled to fit (being a garage
kit). They are as posable as injection models, but they tend to weight more
and some times sag a bit more. I like to use CA glue to tighten any loose
joints, since not even super glue will stick to poly-caps. I picked up the
1/220 scale kits as practice kits before I start working on my Perfect
Variable Valkyrie and Front Mission 2 models. I highly recommend the GM
models for beginners, if you want to start with full action resin kits. The
GMs have less parts to assemble, and fewer colors of paint need. The Gerbera
Tetra is perfect for beginners because it's only two different base colors,
and just a few more parts than the GMs.

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