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> Thinking about getting a B-Club's Gelgoog M Cima Custom and GM Custom.
> Anyone build it before? It looks really cool in photo, but I was wondering
> if
> it really worth
> it's price.
> How are scales in B-Club? Does it pretty much match Bandai's scale?
> 1/100 scale is what it attracts me the most. And, I want it too match rest
> of
> my MG models.
> And, I never built resin kits before, so please give me some tips.
> Thanks.
> Danny

I have the B-Club Powered GM, Gerbera Tetra, and Aries models in 1/220 scale.
I love them. They were so easy to put together and paint. 1/220 scale gives
the models roughly the same physical height as the V Gundam 1/144 scale
models. Proportionally, they look very much like other Bandai models. Some
designs are a bit blockier, but they still look really cool anyway. As the
1/100 scale, I don't have any from B-Club, so I can't really say. Good luck
with what ever model you decide on.

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