Paul Fields (
Fri, 7 May 1999 11:05:10 -0400

> It gets worse Alfred, and I can't really say if it gets better after that.
> Hmmmm...are you watching the sub or the dub? because the way they
> all the mystical hoodoo there is very different in sub and dub.
> Admittedly, Akira is a thinking movie, but the boat scene in Ghost in the
> Shell is a classical japanese style taken from their plays, I think, where
> there is always a scene where the characters practically give the plot
>'s very Japanese.

Well Shakespeare did it a lot too, most good literature hints at the coming
events so you won't be shocked into disbelief when it happens, using small
amounts of it to heighten the tension is a wonderful technique, but lately
modern movies seem to lose that with Suprise endings, which is why they
don't make as much sense any more.

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