James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Thu, 13 May 1999 03:48:18 -0700

Before the Duchy there was the Republic of Zeon. What was it like? A
freedom loving Democracy? Was Zeon Zum Daikun an elected leader? It seems
to me it is a little like the Russian revolution. First you have Lenin,
(the Charismatic Zeon Diakun). He shakes things up; makes the revolution
happen. Then Stalin (Degin Zabi) takes over and thinks really go bad.

But it seems to me that even if Degin Zabi hadn't gained power, discontent
over earth rule was brewing over. Zeon probably could have gotten more of
the colonists to their side, instead of killing them off, It would be
interresting to see how it would turn out. Since the Zabi regime initiated
the Mobile suit program, perhaps they would have never been developed in a
Republic of Zeon vs. Fed scenario?

Man, Bandai should make a "master of orion" type strategy game set in the
Gundam universe. It would be a blast building colonies and managing
alliances. Oh well.


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