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>> >to enforce American will and doctrine anywhere in the world! It will be a
>> >golden age of Hegemony, and all we need is the technology to replace the
>> >infantryman with the Honda P-series robots.
>> "And so ends the challenge... "
>> Come on, you've got to keep a couple of hot-shot maverick pilots
>> in storage, for when the AI Idol singer gets into a tizzy... ^_^
> Heh heh!
> You know what's really creepy? The airforce's Neural-Net self-piloted
>drone aircraft (1/6th scale prototype) was this bright red lifting-body
>shaped vehicle that looked _alot_ like the "Ghost" fighter from Macross
>Plus! I was kinda unnerved to see that!

        Ah-ha...? I wonder if the Macross Plus people saw that design
while they were doing their research...? I saw a shot of a YF-22 over
Nevada, and although it doesn't look much like a Valkyrie, it does look
very "Macross-y" from certain angles...
        Well, this is so far all fitting in with my theory that Madonna
is in fact Sharon Apple, and that if shes holding a concert over News
Year 1999, make sure to bring your Valkyrie and a pair of ear-
protectors... ^_^
        "I don't wanna listen to your creepy singing! And I didn't like
Evita, either!" ^_^

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