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Okay, I think I have time here for some tidbits from the CD-ROM...

* MS-01 through -04

  As has oft been written, the mobile suit development project began with
Zeonic's ZI-XA3, better known as the MS-01, which stood 14 meters high
and weighed 17 tons (dry weight, I think). Then came a mobility &
propellant boost with the MS-02, and the sturdier, heavier armored MS-03.
Installation of a ZAS-X7 thermonuclear reactor yielded the MS-04; its
weight rose to 31 tons, three tons more than the MS-03, but its
performance was way better.

* MS-05 Zaku I

  The prototype MS-05 was completed in February 0074, and 27 units of the
early-model MS-05A were produced the following year. As we all know,
about 800 units of the mass-produced MS-05B were made. By the start of
the war, about half of the combat units originally equipped with Zaku Is
had been switched to the MS-06C Zaku II; two months later, only 112 were
still in service.

* MS-06 Zaku II

  As is usually claimed, the MS-06A was completed in August of UC 0077.
Presumably echoing Gundam Century, the CD-ROM says it had a ZAS-MI11
reactor in place of the ZAS-MI8B used in the Zaku I. Note that these
model numbers differ from those listed in the MG kit manuals.

  The CD-ROM says that the prototype version of the J type Zaku II was
completed on January 15, UC 0079, and that they first appeared in battle
as part of the second drop operation in early March.

* MS-06R Zaku II

  Two units of the MS-06RP prototype were completed in April of 0079.
Then came the initial run of 22 R-1 units, and a later run of 56 R-1A
units. Next comes the MS-06R-2P, which the CD-ROM says was a testbed
created for the in-progress MS-11 (later the MS-14 Gelgoog). When the
Gelgoog was delayed to add beam weapon support, the R-2P testbed was
refashioned into the regular R-2 as a candidate for a stopgap replacement.

* MS-07 Gouf

  Development of the rival YMS-07 and YMS-08 began as soon as the
prototype J type was done, and the prototypes thereof were completed
three months later (i.e. April). The first run of the Gouf, the MS-07A,
numbered 32 units; the MS-07B, with the familiar built-in weapons,
numbered only about 200 units before the production lines were retooled
for the Dom. Gouf variants include the MS-07C-1, with 85mm machine guns
on both hands, and the MS-07C-3, which also had a head-mounted 40mm
machine gun.

* MS-09 Dom

  The YMS-09 Prototype Dom was completed in June of 0079, and initial
testing was done at Side 3; the two prototypes were then sent to the
California Base for further testing. Including all variants, about 600
Doms were made, including about 20 MS-09D models based on the Dom
Tropical Test Type.

* MS-R09 Rick Dom

  The CD-ROM says that the competition between the Rick Dom and the R-2
Zaku was held on July 31. I'm sorry, but while most of these dates strike
me as way too early, this one is too much; two months later, in the first
episode of 08th MS Team, Aina is still test-flying a data-gathering
mockup of the Rick Dom. Anyway, the CD-ROM goes on to say that mass
production began in September, and some 200 were cranked out per month.

* MS-14 Gelgoog

  I am vindicated! The CD-ROM says that Char did his stint as a Gelgoog
test pilot in October 0079, _before_ he appears as commander of a
submarine squadron. Then, on October 26, the Gelgoog test team set out
from Side 3 to begin testing in the Corregidor shoal zone. By the end of
the war, some 180 had been produced; the report optimistically claims
that, at current production rates, 800 should be in service by April of 0080.

  The CD-ROM makes the interesting assertion that only large, modern
ships - the Doros, Gwajin and Zanzibar classes - have powerful enough
generators to recharge the E-caps used by the Gelgoog's beam weapons. The
Musai and Chibe could be modified to host beam weapon-toting mobile
suits, but they're presently not up to par. Wonder if that's why Cima's
fleet carries machine guns...?

* MSN Series

  The CD-ROM claims that, on October 16, Zeon began development of the
MSN-03 Braubro and MS-06Z Zaku as testbeds for the Zeong (then labeled
the MS-16). Two Braubros were completed in November, and tested in the
Corregidor shoal zone, as were the three MS-06Z units when they were
completed ten days later. One MS-06Z was damaged in a skirmish with a
Federation patrol, and reconstructed with rockets instead of legs. On
November 26, Zeon adopted a new nomenclature for psycommu weapons; the
MAN prefix was adopted for mobile armors, and the MSN prefix for mobile
suits, so the reconstructed MS-06Z was christened the MSN-01. Testing was
completed in mid-December.

* Amphibious Mobile Suits

  Two prototype Gog units were sent to Earth with the second drop
operation in early March, and mass production subsequently began at the
captured California Base; about 300 were ultimately made. The Acguy
design was proposed in August, and by September it was being tested in
combat; some 60 were made.

* Mobile Armors

  Production of the MA-05 Bigro began in April (huh!) and 14 were
ultimately made, two of which were used to build prototype YMA-06 units.
The prototype MA-04X Zakrello was completed a month later. Two units
seems to have been the typical production run for most mobile armors. The
MAM-07 Grabro numbered three, two of which ended up being stationed with
the Green Siren submarine squadron.

  The MA-08 Big Zam was originally designed for attacking Jaburo (just
like the Apsaras), and hence carried a Minovsky craft system. But the
plan was scuttled, and development canceled after the first prototype was
built. The CD-ROM claims that the Minovsky craft system was ripped out
and replaced with I-field generators, though other books have claimed
that the same system does double duty; the old MSV books, in particular,
describe the Big Zam as having both systems. Since Dozul threatens the
imminent mass production of the Big Zam during his last sortie, it makes
more sense that the Earth attack plan was still on and that the mobile
armor still carries both systems.

  Whew! Back to fiddling with the disc...

-- Mark

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