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> > product of Tomino and not Syd...
> It's Syd. When Tomino first saw the design, it surprised the $hit out

   Heck, us too! What the heck was he expecting from Syd though? I'm
surprised he didn't send it back for a couple more revisions!

> of him. In the same interview, he said it took 3 months for the entire
> staff to see how good it is.

  "To see how good it is" or "To tolerate it"?

> Also, he's been thinking about this series for 3 years now, so as far as
> the story is concerned, it better be good.

  Hrrrmmm... About the time W-Gundam was coming out, eh? Hrm... still, it
doesn't sound particular original... yet. Maybe there's some big twists
coming up?

> > godfather of the Japanese obsession with modern mecha...
> I assume he felt like his world got turned upside down, but that's my
  Well, I mean, people have been thinking about just this sort of thing
for generations... I mean, the idea of Robots helping humans has been
around for almost a hundred years! Tomino is just gonna hafta deal with
the mechanized destiny of mankind!

> > I heard there were other flats, but I thought they were part of the
> > invasion forces.... are you saying that there were other groups of
> > kids/spies dropped off in Flats all over the Earth? (that makes sense if
> And the guy who appears in episode 9 is not a kid. He's adult.

  And he was dropped off like the Kids years and years ago as an observer
or something as well? What was he doing on Earth then? Spying or other

> > I mean, does that mean that they can communicate with the moon people
> > 'internally' or does it just mean that the lunarians can _track_ them
> The comment was actually more like the compliment for the job well done,
> and also informed Rolan that his transmitter is starting to dissapear. It

  So that means after a time they won't be able to keep tabs on him
anymore, eh?

> seems that this transmitter is some sort of life-sign tracker.
> Some fans are speculating nanomachine.

  It makes some sense, though I don't see why it shouldn't be permanent.
Why aren't the lunarians taking their spy-kids back into custody for
extensive debriefing, etc? I mean, if anyone sees the kids reporting to
the Lunarians, etc... they're pretty much doomed, right?

> One of the speculation was kinda interesting. Maybe the purpose of the
> Flat was re-entry AND larger transmitter. The transmitter inside all the
> agents' body will send signal to Flat, which amplify the signal to the
> moon... But it is a pure speculation though.

  No, actually, I was thinking just that sort of thing!
  Isn't there a scene where Roland uncovers the head of the Flat and
stands on it and howls at the moon "Come to Earth soon!" or something like
that? It would make some sense... A matter of fact, the transmitters may
serve only to identify the kids _to_the_mecha_ so it allows them to access
it. I wonder if this is why Roland can pilot the Turn-A! (How does he get
in it BTW?)

> > Hmm... I wonder if that's even possible.
> It seems by episode 8, they seemed to establish some sort of peace, and
> some lands were given to Moon Race, since Rolan and Turn-A Gundam is sent
> out to peace keeping mission to stop the conflict between Moon Race and
> locals, according to the Sunrise's website.

  Hum! So do the Moonies know who Roland is (I.e., the Turn-A pilot)? HAve
the Lunar civilians begun arriving? Are they bringing lots of technology?
So who's actually in charge of Roland? I mean, he's not a free agent is
  Are the militia being portrayed as 'bad dudes' BTW? What about Diana
Counter? Does the Queen explain the actions of the moon people at all?

> > Ah, too bad! We'll miss you! Will you rejoin us soon?
> Hopefully by the middle of July, but it may take longer. But I'll be

  Excellent! Enjoy the fab-u-lous models in Japan!


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