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Hi folks,

  You may have noticed a strange item in the latest new arrivals bulletin
from Tokyo Pop - the Zeon Dukedom Military File, a hybrid Mac/Windows
CD-ROM priced at $79. The reason it's in stock is because I sent Tokyo
Pop's Mike Kiley on a quest for it, as I am wont to do, and he found it, as
he is wont to do. My copy just arrived today, so here's the scoop.

  The Military File is an informational CD-ROM, akin to the Gundam Shop
discs. Like Gundam Shop, all the text is pre-rendered, so you can see the
Japanese text even on a stock Mac or Windows system. Hardware and system
requirements are puny.

  The material therein is a detailed technical report, ostensibly assembled
by Kishiria Zabi's Mobile Assault Force in early December, UC 0079. It's
divided into three main sections - a largely speculative report on the
capabilities of the Federation's mobile suits, a comprehensive status
report on development and testing of Zeon's new mobile suits and mobile
armors (the Gelgoog and assorted psycommu units), and a review of existing
Zeon weapons. All the material is incredibly detailed, culling dates and
techno-trivia from the most obscure previous publications, and illustrated
with CG images and QuickTime VR models generated with Gundam Virtual

  You won't get much out of this beyond some pretty pictures unless you can
read Japanese, but for semi-fluent techie geeks like yours truly, it's way
way cool. I'll report some highlights shortly...

-- Mark

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