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Probe writes,

> Haaaugh! And you thought _I_ was off the deep end! Let's hope he shows
>some restraint in T-A, eh? On the other hand, this may have just been a
>sly joke on Tomino's part... after all, the moustache is a two-piece
>thingy, not sure how it could be used as a one-piece boomer unless the
>mouth comes off too!

  Well, when you factor in the mouth part, what you have is essentially the
classic V-fin-with-red-centerpiece. I guess Mead just grabbed the antenna
section and swapped it in for the muzzle.

  Incidentally, the June NewType has an interview with Mead where they quiz
him on his design decisions. He does have reasons for some of 'em...

> Seriously, we're looking at a golden age of robotics here. Already our
>air-force is seriously stating that the F-22 and A-12 will be the _last_
>manned fighters ever produced in the USA. One of our missile teams here is
>working on the next generation GLCM with a range of over 6000 miles, able
>to enforce American will and doctrine anywhere in the world! It will be a
>golden age of Hegemony, and all we need is the technology to replace the
>infantryman with the Honda P-series robots.

  ...and spin doctors to explain away understandable glitches like
misprogrammed robot soldiers blowing up the wrong buildings. ;-)

-- Mark

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