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> Yeah, thanks a bunch!
> DANG! That Sumo looks FIIINEEEE! I like it, I like it ALOT! And it's not
> just the Zakish head, but the fact that it's got this neat
> clamshell-styled arm-design, and just an overall bulky, solid look! How
> could Tomino have refused this design?
> I'll admit it's kinda heavy and does look more like a Badguy, but it's
> so _completely_ and utterly unlike the Turn-A itself that I wonder if,
> once the design was rejected, Syd simply decided to 'go with the flow' and
> generate something very blase looking. A matter of fact, the Gundam and
> Sumo don't seem to have a huge number of common design elements other than
> for the chest and the backs of the legs/ankles. I really hope they make a
> Sumo model, I'd get it!

 I agree. The Sumo is awesome!! Its just so stylish(this sounded stupid) :)

> The Flat.. now that's a bizzaro bird. Transformation is kinda like the
> Hammurabi but that head and spinal-column is just too bizarre. It
> transforms from a really boxy looking robot into a really boxy-looking...
> box!

Yep, its a flying box!

> The Rib... now that's a freakbot if I ever saw one! It's like a walking
> crane-gantry or something, way cool! But goofy as heck. I like the
> track-wheel feet...

Its the wackyiest and silliest thing I have ever seen. I don't care for it
too much, its just too weird and wacky for me.

> The Wadd... now that is a FINE looking robot, very Katoki-Styled! Who
> designed that, and why couldn't he have designed the Turn-A?

The Wadd is very cool and alien, I like it ALOT! Looks like something the
Invid from Robotech would come up with.

> Actually, in retrospect, the only robot I _don't_ like out of this lineup
> is the Turn-A itself, everything else looks at least semi-beliveable...
> it's just the Turn-A that sticks out and looks totally bogus.
> -Probe

I agree, even though I sorta like the Turn A.

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